City of Rochester, New Hampshire

Property Assessment Data

(Updated June 2017)


Changes in ownership, new-construction and the ongoing requirements to verify field data necessitate regular maintenance and updating of the information contained within the assessing database. We update this site prior to the mailing of tax bills. The date of the most recent changes is noted above. For those seeking time-sensitive material, we recommend that you visit our office where field cards containing property-assessing data may be purchased for $1.00 per card. No field card information is available over the telephone.

A digital file on a CD-ROM containing current assessing data may be purchased at out office for $20.00 per copy. A list of items contained in this file and the types of file formats available may be obtained at our office or by calling us at (603) 332-5109.

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For questions or information about our assessing practices, please visit our department's website at:

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